Dalyan Moonlight Boat Trip

Trip Details

Mesut's moonlight BBQ boat tour starts at 5.00pm, and gives you a completely different experience in Dalyan on Koycegiz Lake. As the evening draws in and temperature cools down, the lake is very calm and inviting for a swim as the natural springs keep the fresh water warm.

The evening meal is served on the lake as the sunsets behind the mountains, creating a picturesque colourful backdrop for those perfect photo opportunities. You will certainly enjoy home cooked mammas Turkish mezes and salads accompanied by Mesut's barbequed chicken, meatballs or fish.

After dinner we visit Sultaniye hot springs and mud baths where you can take part in a traditional Turkish mud bath. The springs consist of hot mineral water that contains radioactive elements and curative mud. The mineral water is soothing for those who have rheumatism problems, joint calcification and muscle aches and pains. The clay mixed with the hot spring water contain many minerals, is useful for softening the skin and reducing wrinkles.

After the mud baths we head back to the lake to star watch in the most peaceful surroundings Dalyan has to offer. Thousands of stars light up the night sky and many people can often spot certain constellations and shooting stars whilst star gazing.

Lastly around 11.00pm we slowly make our way back to Dalyan listening to relaxing music with a nice cool drink.